IIX. Miscellaneous items

A. Books

Students are urged to take good care of books and will be charged for books that are lost or damaged beyond normal wear and tear.

B. Lunches

Parents/guardians are responsible for providing a nutritious lunch for their own student(s) each day. Some fundraising lunches may be provided throughout the school year to support the eighth grade class or the school. Maplewood Academy allows Northwoods students to attend the cafeteria on Wednesdays. The cost is $3 for grades 1-4 and $4 for grades 5-8/Adults.

C. Field Trips

There are a few field trips planned each year.  Field trips give students a practical glimpse of the studies of the classroom.  Parents/guardians will be notified about field trips in writing prior to the trip.  Specific information will include transportation arrangements, costs associated with the trip, meal arrangements, and departure and arrival times.  Permission slips will be required from a parent or guardian for each student to participate. Students under the age of 8 and shorter than four feet nine inches are required to use a booster seat on any school outing without bus transportation. 

D. Telephone Use

The school telephone is for school business only.  Teachers and students should not be called during class time except in an emergency.  Students may use the phone only with the permission of a teacher. ** PLEASE NOTE that the answering machine will take calls during school hours with the teachers checking their messages between 12:00 and 12:15 pm and then after 3:30.
E. Bicycle Safety
Students must be instructed in bicycle safety before they ride a bicycle to school.  Bicycles are to be parked in the bicycle rack.

F. School Insurance

All students should be covered by their parents/guardians’ insurance.  Students are covered by the school’s insurance, but it is SECONDARY CARRIER type insurance.  Parents/guardians should request the necessary forms when an accident occurs.
G. On Campus Transportation
Students are not allowed to be transported by a private vehicle on Maplewood Academy Campus with the exception of parents transporting their own children!
H. Asbestos Notification
The inspection and management plan for Asbestos-Containing-Building-Materials (ACBM) required by Federal Asbestos Hazard Emergency response Act (AHERA), has been performed for this school.  The management plan has been submitted to the state for review and approval.  A copy is on file at the school office and is available for public inspection upon reasonable notice.  If desired, a copy of the plan may be obtained upon payment of the reproduction cost (Federal Law 40 CFR 763.93).