VI. Attendance and Health

A. Length of School Day

The school day for students will be from 8:15 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. Monday-Thursday. On Friday school will dismiss at 2:00 pm. Kindergarten meets on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Pre-K will meet Monday and Wednesday dismissing at 11am. Parents/guardians are asked to honor the teacher’s time by arriving no earlier than 8:00 a.m. each morning and no later than 3:30 p.m. Mon-Thurs or 2:15p.m. on Friday.

B. Attendance & Punctuality

Students are expected to attend school every day; they are expected to arrive on time in the morning and to leave at dismissal time.  When students are punctual, a better learning and instructional atmosphere exists.  Data collected indicates a significant correlation between student absences and achievement.
When a student will be absent for any reason, the parents/guardians are expected to notify the school.  Parents/guardians are requested to call the school prior to the starting time
on the day of absence to give the reason for the absence. If your child is absent from school and you have not phoned you must send a written excuse with your child when he or she returns to school. 
In the case of a planned absence such as a vacation, doctor appointment, etc., you must notify the school in advance so that the necessary arrangements can be made for makeup work.  Children will not be able to leave with anyone other than a parent/guardian or grandparent, without prior written notification or arrangements.
Reasonable excuses for absences include sickness, attendance at a funeral, doctor appointments, and unique family situations for which prior arrangements are made.  Anything not pre-arranged is unexcused.
  • All students enrolled in the school are expected to be punctual and regular in attendance.  A student who is tardy more than twenty percent of a grading period will have his/her attendance records reviewed by the school board.  Written excuses for all absences and tardies are required the first day back to school.
  • A pupil who is absent as many as seven days out of a grading period, for whatever cause, may forfeit his/her grades unless it is evident to the teacher that his/her work has been satisfactorily made-up.
  • A student must have parental consent to leave school during school hours. Students who leave the school grounds during school hours without proper permission will be considered truant and subject to immediate disciplinary action, including suspension. 
  • The attendance, along with citizenship and scholastic grades, become a part of the student’s permanent record and will be listed on his/her transcripts with his/her grades.
  • Any function or activity in which the school participates in at Maplewood Academy will be considered a regular school day and students are expected to be in attendance.
  • Two days are allowed for make-up work for each day of excused absence.  No make-up work is allowed unless a signed excuse has been turned in on time.
C. Illness
To protect your child and others, students should not be sent to school with fever or any symptoms of illness.  Students who become ill at school will be allowed to rest until their parents/guardians can be notified and arrangements made for their timely release.

D. Medication for Students

For the student’s protection as mandated by the State of Minnesota, Section 34 {126.201} regarding administration of medications, the policy is as follows:
  1. A written note must accompany all medications from the parents/guardians with specific instructions for administration.
  2. All prescription medications must be in the pharmacy container labeled by the pharmacist.
  3. All medications that are kept at school must be kept in the school office.
It is suggested that whenever possible, medication schedules be arranged to eliminate the need for medication to be administered during school hours.

E. Bad Weather Arrangements

In the event of extremely bad weather, the following policy will govern school closure.
  • Northwoods Elementary School follows the Hutchinson Public School’s bad weather closing procedures.  Parents are asked to check local TV listings for school closings or delays.
  • If parents are unable to bring their child to school because they feel that conditions make travel too dangerous, they must notify their child’s teacher.  The student will be given an excused absence if this procedure is followed.
  • If the buses are running late, school will begin when they arrive, as listed on local TV channels.

F. Visitors

Parents/guardians are invited to visit our classrooms, but must call ahead to make arrangements with the teacher.  Relatives or friends wishing to visit while school is in session must make prior arrangements with the faculty. 
Students are to obtain the consent of their teacher before bringing non-adult visitors to school.

G. Volunteers
All classroom volunteers will need board approval with board knowledge of time commitment and duties. Volunteers will also have a Minnesota Conference background check approval prior to volunteering.