V.  Discipline

Since no list of rules can be all inclusive, students are expected to understand the governing principles of acceptable behavior.

A. Guidelines for Student Conduct

  1. Respect God and His Word.
  2. Respect and obey those in authority.
  3. Respect the rights of others.
  4. Practice the Golden Rule.
  5. Dress modestly, neatly and appropriately.
  6. Keep a clean mind and body.
  7. Be prompt in attending classes and appointments.
  8. Be friendly and considerate.
  9. Be consistent and use common sense in daily decisions.

B. Undesirable behavior requiring disciplinary measures

Students will be disciplined by their classroom teacher when any of the following infractions occur:
  • Tripping, shoving, or any act that injures, degrades, or disgraces a staff member or student
  • Disruptive noises or talking without permission
  • Defacing or destruction of school property
  • Using school property without staff approval
  • Unacceptable language (verbal abuse, name calling)
  • Being out of assigned area
  • Gambling or betting
  • Lying
Students will be disciplined by the faculty or School Board, and may be immediately suspended from school for the following reasons:
  • Possession or use of alcohol
  • Possession or use of tobacco products
  • Possession of weapons
  • Possessing, handling, or furnishing illegal drugs
  • Use of profane or sexually explicit language
  • Destruction or defacing of property
  • Disrespect to staff
  • Physical fighting
  • Cheating
  • Stealing
  • Persistent or chronic violation of school rules
  • Inappropriate social sexual behavior
  • Possession of pornographic material
  • Willful deception
  • Any act deemed major and agreed to by faculty and school board.            
Parents/guardians will be notified immediately with a phone call and/or a letter by mail when the faculty or School Board has disciplined their student.  A written report will be placed in the student’s files.
The suspension policy is that a student serves a one-day in-school suspension for undesirable behavior.  This will be followed by a one-day out of school suspension for undesirable behavior that occurs within sixty school days of the first offense.  If a third undesirable behavior occurs within sixty school days of the first offense, a recommendation from the faculty will be made to the School Board regarding expulsion.          

C. Dress Code
Appropriate clothing for students at NWE is based on simplicity, modesty, cleanliness, neatness and safety. (1 Peter 3:3-4; 1 Timothy 2:9; Romans 12:1,2) These guidelines have been developed to reduce the competition between students in what they wear.  Different school activities will at times require different levels of dress. School staff will have the authority to decide whether a student is appropriately dressed and require the student to make the necessary changes.
Clothing considered inappropriate at all times includes:

  • Shoes other than gym shoes, in the school gym.
  • Tight fitting clothing.
  • See through clothing.
  • Sleeveless shirts, spaghetti strap shirts and blouses.
  • Skirts or dresses not of a modest length.
  • Revealing shirt tops
  • Clothing with slogans/pictures contrary to school principles.
  • Clothing which reveals midriff or back, undergarments.
  • Shorts of an inappropriate length.
  • Grubby, ragged or torn clothing.
  • No hats or head coverings are permitted to be worn inside the school building.

  • Students who wear inappropriate clothing will be required to change their clothes. 
    Parents will be responsible for bringing the appropriate clothing to school following notification.
    Jewelry of any kind (rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets etc.) is not permitted to be worn at school. Makeup must be natural looking.

D. Radios, CD Players, Cell Phones, Toys etc.

Radios, walkmans, hand-held electronic games, (Ipods, MP3 players) or other personal electronics brought to the school without permission will be held in the school office until they are picked up by a parent/guardian. Cell phone use is permitted on an emergency basis. Cell phones will be off and placed in the teachers’ possession during school hours. For first offense, the cell phone remains in the parents’ possession for one month and may not be brought to school.  For second offense, the cell phone is confiscated and remains in the school’s possession for 3 months.  For third offence, the cell phone remains in the school’s possession for the remainder of the school year. No toys from home are allowed in school during school hours unless approved and directed by the teacher for a school activity.

E. Weapons

Students and non-students, including adults and visiting youths, are forbidden to knowingly or voluntarily possess, handle, transmit, or use all weapons or any instrument which
has the appearance of a weapon in school, on school property, or during any school activity.  NWE takes a position of “Zero Tolerance” on the following objects:
  • All firearms, whether loaded or unloaded
  • Other guns of all types
  • Knives, switch blades, daggers, swords, razors, etc.
  • Artificial knuckles or other object designed to be worn over the fist or knuckles
  • Blackjacks, clubs, numchucks, throwing stars, etc.
  • Explosives
  • Poisons, chemicals, or substances capable of causing bodily harm
  • Bow and arrows, sling shots, etc.
  • Any other device or instrument used to intimidate, threaten, or inflict harm.
    In the event of any offense, the faculty will:
    1. Confiscate the weapon (if it can be done safely), or call 911 and request assistance if needed;
    2. Notify parents/guardians;
    3. Initially  suspend for two days and bring a recommendation to the School Board regarding expulsion;
    4. Consider police involvement with recommendation to charge;
    5. Repeat offenses will result in a recommendation to the School Board regarding permanent expulsion;
    6. Depending on the severity of the act, discipline may range from a two day suspension to permanent expulsion.

    F. Sexual, Religious and Racial Harassment

    Faculty and students of Northwoods Elementary School are to exemplify a Christ-like life and should avoid any appearance of wrongdoing.  They must never place another person in a position of embarrassment or disrespect due to sexual, racial or religious overtones.  To do so would be a violation of God’s law and the law of the land, which protects human rights.  Everyone at our school has the right to feel respected and safe.
    Harassment includes but is not limited to:
    • Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature affecting an individuals academic standing.
    • Unwelcome sex-oriented comments or gestures (kidding, teasing, jokes, etc.)
    • Subtle pressure or requests for sexual activity.
    • Unnecessary and/or unwelcome touching of an individual (padding, pinching, hugging, etc.)
    • Demand for sexual favors.
    • Threatening notes or cartoons.
    • Offensive or graphic printed material.
    Religious or Sexual harassment consists of conduct that ridicules or otherwise intimidates an individual based on religious beliefs/practice or race.  The conduct may be physical or verbal in nature.
    Complaints of harassment shall be investigated promptly.  On determining whether alleged conduct constitutes harassment, the administration or appropriate official shall look at the record as a whole and the totality of the circumstance.
    Students or employees who engage in harassment or violence acts on school premises or off school premises at a school sponsored activity will be subject to appropriate discipline, including suspension/expulsion, or in the case of an employee, job termination. 
    Violence towards others, as well as, harassment whether it be religious, racial, disability, age, sexual, ethnic, or gender related is against the law.
    If harassment is found to exist, faculty shall take prompt corrective action.  Depending on the severity of the act, the discipline may range from a written warning to immediate dismissal.
    If anyone uses words or actions that make you feel uncomfortable or fearful, you need to tell a teacher, the principal or another responsible adult.  Your right to privacy will be respected as much as possible.
    G. Bullying
    Bullying is a form of harassment.  For purposes of this policy, “bullying” is defined as: “The repeated intimidation of others by the real or threatened infliction of physical, verbal, written, electronically transmitted, or emotional abuse, or through attacks on the property of another.  It may include, but not be limited to, actions such as verbal taunts, name-calling, and put-downs including ethnically based or gender based verbal putdowns, extortion of money or possessions and exclusion from groups within school.”  Such conduct is disruptive of the educational process and therefore, bullying is not acceptable behavior at Northwoods Elementary School.
    Students who engage in repeated acts of bullying, as defined in prior paragraph while at school, at any school function, in connection with any school activity, or while enroute to or from school are subject to disciplinary action, up to and including suspension or expulsion.  As required by state law, law enforcement officials shall be notified of bullying incidents.