Northwoods Elementary School (NWE) is an educational institution of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, which operates the largest Protestant school system in the world.  Students who come from non-SDA backgrounds regardless of race, color, or creed, will be accepted if space is available, and they pledge to respect the standards of the SDA Church while enrolled in the school.  Admission is based on the following criteria:

  1. Any student applying for admission to Kindergarten must be five years old by September 1. Students applying for Pre-K must be four years old by September 1. A birth certificate, which is needed for school records, should be presented at registration.
  2. The State of Minnesota requires students to have all immunizations up to date with a physician-signed document certifying that this is so.  This record must be presented at registration or no later than the first day of school.  Any student not having immunization records and school cumulative records on file by the first day of school may be dismissed until the records are received.
  3. All new students must submit a medical report from a family physician.  Any special conditions, which would exclude a student from normal activities, should be stated.
  4. Final action on all applications for admission will be taken by the School Board following a recommendation by the faculty.
  5. All students enrolled must have their school records from a previous school on file.
  6. New students entering NWE will be placed in a grade level based on standardized test results, physical and mental maturity, as well as age.  The faculty will do this evaluation.
  7. No child will be accepted as a student in this school unless his/her account of the previous school year is paid in full at the time of registration, or a satisfactory arrangement has been made with the finance committee.

Northwoods Elementary School strives to be inclusive in its admissions decisions; however, it is limited by the equipment and staff size to meet the needs of every student.  Therefore, students who have serious academic, physical, social, or emotional needs may not be accepted at NWE.  Should these problems be identified after the student(s) is enrolled, the school administration will assist the parent(s) in relocating the student.
There will be a thirty day probationary period for all new students in order to ensure that:


  1. The staff is able to meet the needs of the student;
  2. The student has been properly placed academically;

Student and parental participation are in accord with the goals and objectives of the school.